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Club Projects: Guatemala Project 2014-15

During the 2014-15 year our club continued to work on our Guatemalan project. Our club has been partnering with partnered with our Rotary district, the Barrington Breakfast Club in Illinois and the Guatemala Sur club for the past 4 years to improve the lives of literally thousands of people in these communities.


The Mayan people of Guatemala are the most malnourished people in the Americas and clean drinking water and sanitation are lacking in most communities.


This year saw the installation of mechanical cows, which turn soya beans into high protein milk for children and a by-product called Okara which may be included in the diet of families. Mayans are genetically lactose intolerant, so soya products are an excellent way to improve their health.


Watch this video produced by our parntering club in Illinois about the Mechanical Cow.




The video below was produced by the Rotary clubs in Guatemala and provides insight into the full extent of Rotary's mechanical cow project.




In addition to the Mechanical Cows, part of the project is to helping with the drinking water needs of 9 Mayan Villages in the Sumpango region of Guatemala. Watch the following video about he drinking water project.





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