Rotary Spruces Up DLN

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The Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN) is a not for profit organization that provides opportunities for adults to improve their literacy skills, free of charge.
In the latest round of support, materials were purchased and on Saturday March 17th a crew from the Club pitched in to improve the condition of the DLN classrooms on Wyse Road. Fourteen sets of new blinds were installed, five bulletin boards were hung, and shelving units were erected. The computer lab was painted and organized and 10 computer desks and chair (supplied by DLN) were assembled.
This is a continuing effort by The Rotary Club of Dartmouth to improving the learning conditions at DLN and build on the renovations and installation of books shelves that took place in February.
The Club has been an active supporter of the Dartmouth Learning Network since 2006, acting on their Board of director, guiding programs and through financial help. Their website can be found at:
For more on DLN…click here


Before Renovations


The Work Crew

Sandy gets ready

Robert installs blind

Scott & Jim assemble desks

Geraldine assembling chairs

Scott & Mike work on chairs

Dana (we're not quite sure)

Sticky baseboards???

Mike installing blinds

Part of the crew

The Crew & Lesley Dunn

Dave ponders his paint job


After Renovations


The Grand Opening