Paul Harris Fellowship Awards - April 21, 2016


John Burton Receives Award from District Governor Jim Goit

Angela Towle's Parents Receive Award on Her Behalf

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John Burton - Executive Director, The Boys & Girls Club of Halifax

John hails from Cape Breton, and developed a strong work ethic, honed by his parents.   John credits a primary source of his motivation to his family up-bringing. 

John graduated from Acadia University in 1995 with a BA in Recreation Management and travelled west to begin his career, working in a nursing home and a group adult home.  These experiences cemented his desire to work with people, particularly with children.

Upon his return to Nova Scotia in 1996, John was hired as the Executive Director of the East Dartmouth Boys and Girls Club.  At this time, the Boys and Girls Club had very limited resources.  John had 3 goals from the onset: 1. To operate and provide the best they could for the children. 2.  To stay consistent and demonstrate stability to the children and parents. and 3. To improve transportation..

During his 20 years John as the Executive Director with Boys & Girls Club, John met these goals and much more.  Some of his successes include:

- Leading and mobilizing the building of the $6.8 million East Dartmouth Community Centre-

- Starting the East Dartmouth breakfast program 18+ years ago, which has now expanded through Halifax and provides more than 30,000 breakfasts per year to children in need.

- Provided programs for over 10,000 children & youth.

- Lead the process of merging five (5) Boys & Girls Clubs into one entity

- Due to his accomplishments and reputation, was selected to conduct reviews on other Boys & Girls Clubs across Canada to measure operating standards.

 In addition to the great work he does with the Boys and Girls Club, John has been a member of the Kinsmen Club for 18 years. He has held all club executive positions, which includes being President three times!

John has received the 2002 Queens Golden Jubilee Award for outstanding community work.

He is truly a deserving recipient of the Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship.

   Angela Towle -  Major Contributor

Angela currently lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  She hails from a family of Rotarians - her father, Ed Towel, is a member of our Rotary Club.

Angela donates to charity regularly, and therefore during a visit to Dartmouth Ed provided Angela information about the Dartmouth Rotary Club and asked her to purchase a ticket to our Spring Classic.

The Spring Classic is the major fund raiser of the Dartmouth Rotary Club.  The top prize at this event is $15,000 provided by the Dartmouth Rotary Club.

Angela bought a ticket and luckily her ticket was chosen as the winner of the top prize of $15,000.

Ed reached Angela the following day and told her she had won.  There were a few moments of silence and then she ask her father- “Can I donate the money back?”

And as simply as that, our Club received a $15.000 to contribute to our charitable endeavours.

A truly generous gesture. These funds allowed us to support two groups who sponsored Syrian Family refugees to Canada and our project to renew the Dartmouth Boys & Girls Club washrooms.  It is quite fitting that a portion of this money was used for the Dartmouth Boys & Girls Club as Ed advised that Angela has been quite involved with this club.

Accepting the fellowship on behalf of Angela is Angela’s mother, Maryanna & father Ed.