Rotary Supports the Excalibur ADHD Association



The Rotary Club of Dartmouth has donated $5300 to the Excalibur ADHD Association for a working memory training program.

The objects of the Association are to provide children programs, which would give them a broad background in education, sports and the arts. These programs would be available to all socio-economic levels of our society: children on government assistance; low-income families; and families that can pay the full fee for the programs.

The Association’s programs will encourage and guide children at risk of or with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) toward a socially and economically sound future. This may include assisting them with their schoolwork, and exposing them to a balanced life style through sports and the arts.

The working memory training program, which will be available this summer, is hailed as the future in assisting people with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities as well as seniors at the early stages of dementia.

It will not stop dementia, but it will give people a longer quality of life.

The photograph shows David Garnier, Community Service Director for Rotary Club, Dr. Don Penwell, President for Rotary Club and Excalibur’s Treasurer Glendon George receiving the cheque.

For more information on the Excalibur ADHA Association visit their website at