The 2010 Looong Game



Rotary Club of Dartmouth Supports Long Game


Hockey players in Windsor completed a 24-hour game on December 30, 2010 and raised more than $40,000 for charity. Organized in part by Rotarian Ken McCormick, the club supported the event by donating $3,000, arranged for a $1,000 Rotary grant and helped staff the event. The money raised will go towards the Windsor Trust Fund and the Canadian Cancer Society with $7500 going to the East Dartmouth Community Center/Boys & Girls Club (see photo below).

The Players


      Rotarians Mike & Jennifer Work the Door                 Feb 28th - President Mike Presents the Cheque




On February 28th President Mike Monaghan presented a $7500 cheque to John Burton, executive director of the East Dartmouth Boys & Girls Club as part of the proceeds from the Looong Game.


The original 2002 event raised $30,000 and set what was then a Guinness world record for the longest hockey game. The marathon match was revived in 2009 and raised $36,000. Federal Defence Minister Peter MacKay, was among some of the high-profile players, who also included Windsor Mayor Paul Beazley and Olympian Andrew Russell. The Rotary Club of Dartmouth has been a strong supporter of this event.

Peter MacKay Flew in From Afghanistan