On July 20th the Rotary Club of Dartmouth bestowed a Paul Harris fellowships to Lillian Munroe, Dale Thomas, Sylvia Andrews for their outstanding service to the Dartmouth North Boys and Girls Club location and Dartmouth North community.  The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is one of the highest honors Rotary can bestow upon a person. Recipients are recognized for their outstanding contributions, exemplifying the highest ideal in Rotary in placing “SERVICE ABOVE SELF.”
Lillian, Sylvia, and Dale possess about 100 combined years of service at the Dartmouth North site of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Halifax. They have served and supported generations of children and youth Lillian and Sylvia both joined the Club in September 1987 and have been an inseparable and unstoppable dynamic duo ever since. Lillian and Sylvia have worked in all programs at the Dartmouth North site, including nursery school, breakfast programs, before and after school programs and many food security programs. Special programs and community projects have long benefitted from their steady leadership over years including community fairs, children parades, Breakfast with Santa, Walk against Violence and community meals. Club alumni often refer to Lillian and Sylvia as the "mothers of the Club."
Dale Thomas joined the Dartmouth North club in April 1989. His genuine and humourous connection with kids and the club's young staff soon had him develop a guiding role as the "father of the Club," or the "wise old owl." His day is spent "taking care of things," keeping the club and it's little bus clean, maintained and welcoming.  He's always on hand to safely transport the kids and staff from schools and to adventure spots across the city.  Dale's old-fashioned work ethic is to 'get the job done' and he expects those around him to do their jobs well too. He inspires everyone through his own hard work, his humour and his great big heart.ad.
Lillian, Sylvia and Dale have all supported all of the activities happening in the club breakfast program, early morning program, after school program, youth program, community events, food security programs ... they've had a hand in it all. Over their years of long and loyal service to the club and the community, they have become 'the elders' among the staff, and the best part of most kids' day when they come to the club.
As one Club parent has said: "thank you for always being there for the kids. You are an amazing influence on so many of the club kids, past & present!"