Posted by Brian Smith
Our well-travelled Exchange Student, Mauricio, had a chance to see democracy in action on Tuesday, February 25th. Brian Smith took him to City Hall to see a Council Meeting.
The trip started with an explanation of "wild goose chase", as Council had begun their meeting earlier that day, and we weren't sure of their progress on the agenda. Sure enough, our first few minutes in the Chambers was interrupted by an "In Camera" session, so we walked down to the Legislature, where we spent half an hour in the gallery, and got to meet the Leader of the Opposition and hear a motion recognizing the value of Rotary (good timing).
When we returned to City Hall, we bumped into Mayor Savage in the entry to Council Chambers, and he took quite an interest in Mauro.
When the session began again, he asked Mauro to come to the podium and speak with Council. After listening patiently to an 90 minute presentation about the Halifax Water Business Plan, the Mayor arranged for a photo with himself and Tony Mancini, one of our Dartmouth Councillors. Tony also spoke with Mauro for a few minutes about how welcoming HRM is to foreign students. 
Mauro's comment: "excellent good wild goose chase".