The Rotary Club of Dartmouth often awards bursaries to Dartmouth high school students.

The school should have a system whereby students are made aware of the bursary, selection criteria and how to apply.  Candidate(s) for the bursary should be recommended to the Club by a selection committee consisting of members of the teaching staff, including guidance counsellor(s).
The winning students for the 2017/18 year were "Need Lorraine to Fill in Names & Schools"
The criteria the selection committee are to use for recommending the candidate(s) are as follows:
  • An Identified Financial Need
  • Above Average Academics
  • Personal Integrity
  • Volunteerism in Community and/or School
  • Confirmation of Enrollment in Post-Secondary Education
  • Have Displayed a Personal Credo of "Service Before Self" as Evidenced by Involvement in Volunteerism
The school will evaluate candidate(s) based on the above criteria and then recommend the successful candidate(s) to the Rotary Club of Dartmouth for approval.  Except in unusual circumstances the Club will usually accept the school’s recommendation.