It’s a little-known fact that the Rotary Club of Dartmouth has been behind the development of the Dartmouth B&G Club since 1963. A Rotarian (Roy Boland) provided the land and the first building. The B&G Club soon saw a need for a new facility and the Rotary Club challenged them to build a new clubhouse. 

They promised to donate $20,000 provided that the three levels of government matched the donation. The $20,000 grew into $80,000 (a significant sum at the time) which resulted in a fine new building being erected. The Rotary Club of Dartmouth has been a perennial supporter of the B&G club, both financially and serving on its Board of Directors.
The Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth have received some pretty significant donations from the Dartmouth Rotary Club over the years. During a weekly meeting in December 2008, a cheque for over $14,000 was presented to the Executive Director and Board President of the Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth. The intent of the donation was to assist with the day to day operation of the Breakfast Program and the purchase of a much needed new bus.

Each year Dartmouth Rotarians provide support to their Breakfast Program. The Breakfast Program is a free service which is offered at local community schools. Currently, there are 185 participants in the program. During the 2017-18 they served over 60,000 breakfasts and snacks. The purpose of the Breakfast Program is to ensure students receive a healthy breakfast to start off their school day. It is fact that if a child receives a well nourished breakfast they perform better in school.
As for the donation towards the purchase of the new bus, the bus is used on a daily basis to transport after-school participants to and from school to the Boys and Girls Club, morning, lunch hour and after-school. The bus is also made available for the Teen Program and Sports Teams during the weekends and in the evenings. The bus is a valuable asset to the Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth. Our programs depend on safe, reliable transportation when it comes to children and youth.
In the year 2015/16 our Rotary Club, with the funds raised from the 2015 Spring Classic, donated over $20,000 to undertake much needed renovations to the washroom facilities at the B&G clubhouse on Farrell Street. This has greatly improved the comfort and experience for the kids, volunteers and staff who work and use the Farrell Street facilities.
In September 2018 and 2019 the Club held a "Swing Fore the Kids" golf tournaments with proceeds going to the B&G Club's breakfast program.  The tournament will again be held in September of 2020.
Watch the video below regarding the B&G Clubs of Great Halifax & our involvement, presented at our 2016 Spring Classic: