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July is turn-over month at the Rotary Club of Dartmouth.
Every July we welcome our new president and thank the outgoing president for his/her service over the past year. On Monday July 25th our new president, Ken McCormick (pictured on the left), presented Brian Smith, our outgoing president, with a plaque thanking him for a job well done over the 2021-22 Rotary Year.
We welcome Ken to the helm and give a hardy thanks to Brian, from all members of the club, for your dedication and service during the past year. 

On Wednesday June 8th the Rotary Club of Dartmouth held draws for staycations at 12 fabulous spots around the Maritimes.  This annual event helps to fund Rotary projects in our community and beyond. 

The event was held at The Parkside Pub & Smokehouse and was attended by approximately 50 enthusiastic supporters.

Thank you to all those who purchased tickets as you have helped us help those in need.  A list winner is below.

Nic Strum - Oceanstone Inn & Cottages

Tracy Black - Inn at Bay Fortune

Janet Carter - Algonquin Resort

Jamie Oyler - White Point Beach Resort

Marg Chisholm - Glenora Distillery

Michal Crowe - Digby Pines Resort

Sheilia Sperry - Pictou Lodge

Kora Lee Cormier - Oak Island Resort

Scott & Allison Fulton - Inverary Inn

Sharon Harrison - Liscombe Lodge

Mark Gilbert - Rum Runner Inn

Kim Scaling Jordan - Queen Anne Inn



Here are a few phots of the event:

Rotarians from the Dartmouth club were again helping to keep our community clean and beautiful.
Early Saturday morning, June 4th, about a dozen Rotarians took part in their bi-annual street cleanup of Windmill Road in Dartmouth.  Over a couple of hours, they gathered about 50 bags of litter, boards, tires and auto parts. The number one item remains coffee cups, but this time there were lots of COVID masks in the mix. Event chair Mike Monaghan put all the pieces in place with HRM to make sure things went smoothly.
In the meantime, across the Harbour at Conrose Park, near Jubilee and Connaught, Rotarian Terry Carter and his brother Bruce, who is with Tree Canada, were beginning to lay out a pattern to begin planting 65 hardwood trees on the Northern side of the park. With the aid of special guest planter Katherine Lewis and another half dozen street cleaner/tree planter volunteers, holes were dug, rocks moved and trees planted. If you are in the park for a game of tennis, baseball or just for a walk, look out for several rows of future shade trees, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Dartmouth.
This is another example of our motto of “Service Above Self”.
On March 7th Rotarian Lui Greco (our club’s secretary) gave a great presentation on an initiative underway to make retail payment terminals accessible for everyone.  Lui works for the CNIB (Canadian Council of the Blind) which is a partner organization with the payment terminal initiative.
For anyone with sight loss who has ever attempted to independently complete a retail transaction using a payment terminal there can be significant barriers.  Canadians with sight loss and other disabilities often compromise their security, independence and dignity. The CNIB, and the Neil Squire Society prepared a video illustrating these issues (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11w_tkuYf08)
However, a solution is possible and Lui detailed some of the work ongoing and a prototype terminal that is demonstrating promise.
Their next steps are to continue working collaboratively with all stakeholders to define and create a retail payment solution that works for everyone, customers with disabilities and merchants alike.
To view Lui’s presentation. Click Here.

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